Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. How do I choose my right Car Parking System?
  • We Parklayer manufacturing company provide you both Indoor &; Outdoor parking systems.
  • Indoor: Tower parking system, Vertical Rotary parking system, Bike Vertical parking system.
  • Outdoor: Puzzle parking system, Hydraulic Stack parking system, EM Stack parking system, Pit Stack parking system.
  • We also serve as consultants, guiding the clients/customers in selecting the most suitable and advanced technologies for their needs. Also, we offer the convenience of receiving CADD files from the customers and enabling to provide customized recommendations and solutions service at free of cost/no charge.
2. Does it support different types of vehicles?
Installation of machines indoors or outdoors the site, above or below the ground, and can be mould to accommodate different types of cars and motor bike models significantly helps in reducing the traffic while parking vehicles and also this mechanism of car storage that allows for quick and convenient access to parked vehicles and reduce in blockage and waiting times for drivers.
3.How long have you been in the Parking System Industry, and what is your track record?
We Parklayer exclusively manufactures Dong Yang PC, a Korean company with over 30 years of experience in producing and marketing smart parking systems.
4. How does the car Parking System effectively manage space constraints?
By introducing the stacking vehicles vertically and rotary parking systems will remarkably increase the parking capacity of a given area by the site owners which resolves the problem in areas where demand for parking exceeds available space.
5. Can the System Operate reliably in different Weather Conditions? / Is your product suitable for all the climate?
Our parking system works well no matter how the weather is either rain nor heat, or cold and even bad weather. It's built tough enough to handle different conditions, so the user can operate smoothly and keep things convenient by our parking system.
6. Do you have Testimonials from Satisfied Customers?
Yes, we have 200 and plus customers who are satisfied and have experienced the benefits of our parking system that we also have product demo and testimonials. They are the witness to its overview, convenience, and effectiveness in meeting their parking needs.
7. Do you offer Technical Support or Services? / How does the system handle accessibility requirements? / Can you provide demonstrations or trials for us to evaluate the user Experience?
Usually we will provide the training session in-person for customers to familiarise the operation of the parking system so that the customer learns to know the system operations efficiently and can able to troubleshoot the issues easier in future.
8. Are there Customization options available to adapt the System to our Specific Requirements?
Yes, we provide customization options to adapt the parking system to the customer’s specific requirements. Either it's adjusting the layout to accommodate different vehicle sizes, integrating specific features for strengthen security, we work closely with the customers to ensure that the parking system meets their unique needs and desire.
9. What are the Terms of Warranty Period and the Services?
We Parklayer provide 12 months of warranty period for the installed machine and also promises to free service the machine once in a month until the warranty period gets over.
10. Does your Car Parking System Comply with Local Regulations and Standards?
Yes, we provide parking systems typically designed and manufactured to comply with local regulations and standards that includes safety concerns, building codes, electrical codes, accessibility standards, and environmental regulations and etc, which ensures that the parking system we manufacture meets all certain legal and safety requirements for operation in the determined jurisdiction where it will be installed.

Products Based Questions

1. Are Tower Parking Systems considered secure?
In a tower parking system, cars are stored in closed spaces. This setup helps protect them from theft, vandalism, and weather damage as well. With these enclosed spaces, it's harder for unauthorized people to get to the vehicles. Also, it makes it easier to keep track of who's coming and going in the parking area. Overall, it's a way to make sure only the right people can access the parking system.
2. Can Rotary Bike Parking Systems accommodate different types of bicycles?
Yes, our rotary bike parking systems can generally accommodate different types of bikes. Our parking system is designed to maximize space efficiency by storing two wheelers in a compact and in vertical manner.
3. How can we retrieve the Car from a Rotary Parking System in the event of a power outage or when the system is shut?
Our rotary parking system is equipped with emergency manual release mechanisms that allow operators to manually lower the car platform to ground level and also if the system is shut down due to maintenance or other reasons, operators can able to activate the backup power source to retrieve cars from the system.
4. Which types of Cars can typically be accommodated in a Rotary Parking System? / What types of car can be Parked?
(Standard Sedans) Mid-size, and full-size sedans and (SUVs) are commonly larger vehicles and are known for their versatility and spaciousness, can usually fit within our rotary parking system.
5. How many Bikes can be accommodated in a Bike Rotary Parking System?
The machine can accommodate 96 bikes in the space of 12 bikes, this mission of a Bike Rotary Parking System, which helps in maximizing bike storage capacity within a compact footprint or area.
6. How can we Monitor the vehicles in Smart Parking System? / What measures are in place to prevent Unauthorized access?
RFID enables in real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicle movements within the parking facility. RFID tags attached to vehicles allow for automatic identification as they enter and exit the parking facility. This helps in eliminating the need for manual labelling. And give access to the right owner of the vehicle.
7. How can we identify the empty Spaces in the Parking System?
The proximity helps in detecting the vehicle entry where this interrupts the beam so the sensor detects the change and registers the presence of the vehicle. The proximity sensor sends a signal to the parking system's control unit indicating that the parking space is occupied. Once the car is retrieved from the space it ensures that the space is emptied and can be able to park other vehicles.
8. What are the key or Advanced features of your Parking System?
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • Over load Resistance in Stack parking.
  • Emergency stop button and operation warning light.
  • All our products are powder coated machines.
  • Manual retrieval.
  • Photo sensor at the entrance and driving side.
  • Over current relay in Tower parking system.
  • Pallet overrun stopper in Rotary parking system.
  • Falling prevention device (double guide rail) in Rotary parking system.
  • Guide lamps at the entrance and inside.
  • Guide mirror in Rotary and Tower Parking.
  • Instruction boards.
  • Detector of traction wire breakage.
  • Protector for cage and pallet against overrun.
  • Electromechanical Lock in puzzle parking system.
9. What is the expected lifespan of the Machine?
Our parking system is long useful lifespan, which last between 15 to 20 years. We design with energy efficiency in mind, low power consumption. Hence by minimizing energy usage, we contribute our clients reduce operational costs over the system's lifespan. We aim to longevity and efficiency bring out our dedication to provide high-quality parking system solutions that deliver enduring value to our customers.
10. What are the Products you have? / What Types of Model you have in Parking?
  • Rotary Parking System
  • Tower Parking System
  • Hydraulic Stack Parking System
  • EM Stack Parking System
  • Pit Stack Parking System
  • Bike Rotary Parking System
  • Puzzle Parking System
  • Turn Table
11. Is rooftop required for Rotary Parking?
It is according to the customer’s required/ demand.
12. Is rooftop required for Stack Parking?
13. After ordering the Product, how long will it take for Production?
45 to 60 Days
14. What type of Models you have in Puzzle Parking?
G+1, G-1 & G+1G-1
15. How many days it will take for Installation for Rotary Parking?
3 Days
16. How many Projects have you done in India?
2000+ Projects
17. How many branches you have in India?
Head office at Coimbatore and sales offices at Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi
18. Is your product is painted or powder coated?
Powder Coated
19. Where can I get your Brochure?
Can get via Website
20. Are you using Hydraulic System or Electro Mechanical System in Stacker Parking?
We offer both hydraulic and electromechanical systems based on customer preferences and convenience.
21. What is the purpose of Turntable?
The turntable rotation system is a product suitable for minimal space with 360-degree rotation which is helpful to park and retrieve the vehicle easier.
22. What type of models you have in Stack Parking?
  • We have 3 different stack parking system
  • Hydraulic stack parking
  • Electro mechanical stack parking and
  • Pit stack parking