Bike Rotary Parking System

These Bike Parking Systems are efficient, Low maintenance and Robust. The unique locking mechanism enables all types of Bikes to be Parked in the Pallets.

Bike Rotary Parking System

This parking system is a solution for all types of bikes, scooters and two wheelers. It accommodates and manages two-wheeler parking in an efficient and secure way without much hassle.

These are commonly used in commercial buildings, complexes, and residential buildings. Taking up all the advantages of Rotary car parking system, these bike parking systems are efficient, low maintenance and robust. The unique locking mechanism enables all types of bikes to be parked in the pallets.

Bike Rotary Parking System


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Brand Name Bike Parking
Model No SM8B SM10B SM12B
Type Vertical Rotary Bike Parking
Parking Capacity / Unit (8X8) 64 Bikes (10X8) 80 Bikes (12X8) 96 Bikes
Available Space Per Bike Length 2100mm 2100mm 2100mm
Width 750mm 750mm 750mm
Weight 200kg 200kg 200kg