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Grand Parking Systems

  • Grand Parking System is a multi-floor, Cart type parking system that quickly and safely parks as many vehicles as possible within a confined space.
  • Because the parking facility executes the parking and extracting vehicles simultaneously, it enhances spatial efficiency, which makes it perfect for parking facilities of large-sized building.
  • The main frame of Grand Parking System is made of Structural Steel. It is designed to withstand the Structural dead load as well as the live load of the vehicles.
  • The mechanical components of Grand Parking System include, pallets onto which vehicles are loaded and transported; carts that transport the vehicles horizontally; lifts that transport the vehicles vertically; drive parts that operate each unit; guides and rails; containment unit that stores the vehicles; lift platforms on the entry floor; and automatic door at the entrance.


Available car in GRF L Series
Total Length 5200 mm
Total Width 2100 mm
Total Height 1600 mm
Total Weight 2150 kg
Available car in GRF SU Series
Total Length 5200 mm
Total Width 2100 mm
Total Height 1900 mm
Total Weight 2400 kg

Operation Process

The nearest available pallet selection is fully computerized. The car lift will elevate the car to the required level, and the cart will transport the car to the designated pallet slot for parking. Retrieval of car is just the reverse process.