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Who we are?

  • Robust Korean Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing Facility
  • Installation of over 1000+ car parks in India and Abroad
  • Global presence
  • Safe & Cost - effective parking solution

We are using the 12 car multi level car parking system supplied by MIS. PARK LAYER for the past 13 months. We find it very useful and user friendly. We do not face any problem in the usage of the same. We are satisfied with the system and our recurring cost on maintenance is zero during this period.


Asset Anchorage was built in the year of 2016 with predefined amenities, but at the end of the completion we forecasted the parking space allocation has to be compromised considering the space occupation.
At the right time we were introduced to PARK LAYER and got to know their tremendous capabilities on providing parking solutions. We joined hands with PARK LAYER for resolving our parking constraints. They provided a quality service, intellectual handling methodology and timely delivery. Their uniform response from the beginning till the date made us a happy client of PARK LAYER. We chose the model SM14L which holds 14 cars in the space of 2.
We suggest PARK LAYER for your intense parking solutions.

Paul Joseph - Asset Anchorage, Thrissur

Why Choose Us

Quick Installation
Lower Cost
Less Maintenance
Long Lifespan
Car is secured
Proven technology
Space conservation
Innovative methodology
Direct manufacturer
Better for the Environment