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Ace Parking

Ace Parking is a vehicle elevator, using traction devices for lifting up/down a car on a pallet. The lift cage deposits or retracts the pallet to/from the designated position automatically.

Due to the silent operation, this type of parking solution is ideal for residential or office building as a built-in or can be set up independently for the purpose of parking cars only. It's simple structure hardly raises any troubles and has the outstanding space-efficiency. The integrated system solution can be operated unattended for whole parking process. The entry gate can be located on a lower, mid or upper position for fitting the installation environment.

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Advantage of ACE PARKING

  • A tower parking solution for parking up to 18 ~ 60 cars in a unit
  • Small floor plan of 49.6m only for parking numerous cars
  • Multiple installation in series
  • Integrated or external turn table gives an easy access
  • SUV(2400kg) and full size sedan(2150kg) can be parked in an unit
  • Ideal for residential / office buildings, rent a car company
  • Low noises / vibrations
  • Various safety devices
  • Easy operation
Steel structure

The steel structure of Ace Parking System consists traction devices for elevating up and down the lift cage and slots for carrying car pallets. This is designed structurally to withstand regional heavy wind or earthquake.

Lift Cage

This device, basically, elevates up and down a car on a pallet. And this also deposits, retrieves or rotates a car. This device travels with security between depositing position and entry level


This is a loading device, whose function is to deposit or retrieve various sizes of car to/from standardized slots

Traction unit

This enables lift cage to elevate up and down at high speed.

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Operation Flow
  • Enters into entry station.
  • Turn table rotates car by 180.
  • Lift cage elevates up the car.
  • Car on pallet is deposited or retrieved.
  • Lift cage elevates up or down.
  • Lift cage picks up a blank pallet.
  • Lift cage elevates down to the entry station.
  • Retrieve your car

Technical Specifications
Parking Capacity18 ~ 40 slots42 ~ 60 slots
TypeElevator(Pallet type)
Max. Available carLength5200 mm
Width2100 mm
Height1600 mm (sedan) /1850 mm (SUV)
Weight2150 (sedan) / 2400kg (SUV)
Traction UnitMotor30 KW x 4P & D.C Brake37 KW x 4P & D.C Brake
ReducerHelical i=1/30Helical i=1/24
Speed60 ~ 75 m/min90 ~ 120 m/min
MechanismWire rope (8 wires), 2:1 Rope way
Lift CagePalletMotor1.5 KW x 4P & D.C Brake
ReducerHelical i=1/25
Speed26 m/min
MechanismChain conveyor & Hook pin type
Turn TableMotor3.7 KW x 4P & D.C Brake
ReducerHelical worm i=1/125
Speed2.5 RPM
MechanismDirect driving by Selwing gear & Pinion
ControllerVector inverter
Speed controlVector or PWM control (Inverter control)
Driving controlPLC control
OperationTouch screen or computer(optional)
PowerEquipmentAC 380V, 3PH, 50/60Hz or AC 220V, 3PH, 50/60Hz
LampsAC 220V, Single PH, 50/60Hz
Sliding door2500(W) x 1800(H) (Sedan), 2000(H) (SUV)
Safety DeviceGuide lamps at entrance and inside Guide mirror and instruction boards, Photo sensors for positioning car on entry level
Detector of traction wire breakge
Protector for cage and pallet against overrun
Emergency stop switch
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