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About Park Layer

Parklayer private limited manufactures the most advanced mechanical car parking systems which can expand the parking capacity upto 8 times more on the most tight and limited spaces in most areas of Urban India. Parklayer is the flagship of Mohan Industry, which has a renowned name in iron and steel industry with over two decades of extensive as well as in depth knowledge in manufacturing and marketing the finest quality bright bars, tubes and components.

Parklayer is the exclusive distributor and manufacturer of Dong Yang PC which is a Korean based company that manufactures and markets the smart parking system for more than 2 decades. Dong yang has installed more than 400 units of Multi level car parking Machines in Korea and over 100 units in major cities of Russia, Estonia, Singapore, Iran, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech etc. Sharing their technology and enriching experience in manufacturing these systems, we hope to drench the thirst of Indian customers.

SMART Parking is a proven, robust, accurate and cost-effective way to ensure that your customer gets an un polluted, Hazzle-free parking experience.

It is time, Indian city planners and managers began looking at a public policy for parking. On a normal working day, 40 per cent of the road space in any average-sized Indian city is used for parking rather than for movement of traffic.

Car Parking Elevator system in Coimbator


In harmony with our strategic vision, pioneering spirit, engineering skills, knowledge accumulated through collective learning and bench-marking against global leaders, we will endeavour to ensure excellence in performance in all areas relating to design, research, development, manufacturing, sales and customer service.

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Car Parking Elevator Manufacturer in Coimbatore


Our mission is to provide global standard car parking machines at affordable price to the customers with end-to-end solutions and build our broad base as qualified Manufactures.